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Sauce Spoon Branch

The Branche sauce spoon is an aesthetic success due to its plant-inspired handle, which curves and culminates in a branche with budding foliage.

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Mat Silver
Mat Gold

27,89 €

Positioned on the table, the Branche sauce spoon resembles a curved creeper with its thin and plant-inspired handle. When used, it has been designed to provide balance and lightness.

This service accessory is very popular among Blue Leaves clientele as the sauce spoon constitutes a creative and unique wedding gift.

  • Mat Silver :
  • Material: Silver plated brass.
  • Product Care: Machine wash (Household dishwasher).
  • Mat Gold :
  • Material: Gold (24K) plated brass
  • Product Care: Hand wash only and dry piece immediately after cleaning.
  • Length: 18cm
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